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Radium’s AI Cloud Studio offers a platform for the complete AI lifecycle — from training, fine-tuning, RAG, to deployment. Radium simplifies complex tasks like multi-node orchestration and seamless inference so you can focus on creating and deploying the best Generative AI models.

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Train your models up to 50% faster
Configure and provision compute resources on-demand.
Radium’s proprietary platform and software stack allows you to instantly create your own supercomputer that’s up to 50% faster than the hyperscalers—and has all the best infrastructure integrations and SDKs.


Deploy your own or enterprise-grade models instantly
Deploy your models with the same infrastructure you use for training. Radium is up to 135% faster.
Supercharge your AI solutions by connecting into open-source and proprietary models, with access to Nebula, Llama2, and more.

AI Cloud Studio

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly across the entire AI journey: train, deploy, embed.
Train your own model, deploy an existing one, or bolster your compute capabilities, quickly and easily.
Our network architecture allows instant scaling from small inference problems to training large models
Our codebase is designed to easily integrate new services as needed
Our resource-isolation technology gives you full access to your hardware
Data centre geographies
LLM models
faster at training
faster at inference


Stanford’s Center for Research on Foundation Models (CRFM) used Radium to integrate Nvidia’s TransformerEngine into CRFM’s Levanter framework and saw 57% MFU on a range of model sizes, and 20% increase in speed compared to Stanford’s infrastructure.
A research team at MIT’s CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) used Radium to scale their NLP research in health care. In a benchmarking study, they observed a 40% increase in training time compared to Google Cloud (GCP).
The Robotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) compared Radium to AWS and found that Radium was 47% and 113% faster at training than virtual servers AWS p4d.24 4 and AWS p3.16 4, respectively. Inference was found to be 71% and 135% faster on Radium compared to virtual servers AWS p4d.24 4 and AWS p3.16 4, respectively. 
AI Cloud Studio is your single place for all of your AI developer needs. No more fragmented workflows.
Most CSPs rely on virtualization solutions (such as KVM or equivalent) that subject workloads to a virtualization tax, which adds significant overhead, limits compute efficiency, and increases time to solution. There’s a reason no supercomputer uses virtualization in its software stack. Radium’s platform solves significant technical challenges by removing hypervisors from both network and compute layers, providing the most FLOPs of any on-demand cloud provider — essentially creating supercomputers on-demand. Training workloads are 50% faster while inference loads accelerate by 135% compared to traditional hyperscalers.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
Leading LLM inference platforms generally run on third-party infrastructure, eliminating their ability to optimize across software and hardware. Further, these platforms are beholden to third-party compliance and costly integrations. Radium is built from the infra layer up, allowing for significant architectural advantages that translate into lower token rates (measured by $/M tokens) than our peers.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
We’ve automated all time-consuming resource configuration processes within the Gen AI journey, from connecting data stores and repositories, partitioning data to projects and their related networks, to deploying LLMs, including optimization of all drivers, libraries, and compilers to the project network.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
Our automation of computing and networking lets you start/stop, archive, and recall models to be trained with no long-term multi-year infrastructure commitments. Our vLAN automation lets you deploy, redeploy and scale infrastructure instantly. Go from a single node to multi-node supercomputers or running nodes in parallel.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
Move from high-performance training to high-performance inference in the same environment. Deploy models within your company or externally through API endpoints quickly and easily. Get access to leading open-source LLMs like Llama2, LLaVa, Mistral, Mixtral, DBRX, Groc, Falcon and more, as well as proprietary models like Nebula and Mimic, reducing development time and cost. Have your own model? Deploying your organization’s custom model is extremely simple.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
Network-level switch automation is unique to Radium. This feature allows for parallelization and scaling to multi-node or even multi-cluster, multi-region deployments without degrading throughput, even across thousands of GPUs. This is a key differentiator compared to other platforms where performance tends to degrade as jobs are scaled up.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
Radium’s full-stack architecture ensures your data remains secure in private, unshared networks, all the way down to the switch level, which provides secure computing with hardware attestation. This is in contrast to incumbents who rely on virtualization and open source platform architecture that is prone to data security risks.
Innovations in the
AI Cloud Studio
For developers working with regulated data and sensitive workloads, our custom-built codebase and infrastructure simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements to protect and secure your AI.
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AI Cloud Studio
Radium is committed to environmentally responsible computing. Radium’s proprietary architecture, software stack and datacenter deployments allow us to provide customers with accurate and actionable carbon telemetry. This direct view of ESG impact allows customers to mitigate their environmental impact directly from the platform.
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AI Cloud Studio
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AI Cloud Studio

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“Absolute best cloud computing for high performance deep learning and inference. Fastest we have ever used. Amazing support too!”
CMU – Robert Tamburo
"Radium delivers the lightning performance that customers need to accelerate their journey and deliver back repeatable ROI to the business."
Data Robot– Ty Connor
"We chose Radium when prototyping new payment technologies based on a significant improvement in training times."
Square – Vince Wong

Our partners

Square’s R&D team used Radium to prototype early (pre-Gen AI) text-to-video and text-to-speech applications.
EQTY Lab used Radium to train a state-of-the-art climate model that was presented at COP28, the United Nations climate change conference.

Success Stories

Symbl.ai uses Radium to transform unstructured audio, video and text data into structured insights, events, and knowledge. Symbl’s advanced has advanced, task specific LLMs that enable businesses to analyze multi-party conversations at scale.
A leader in generative AI for law, Alexi used Radium to train domain-specific retrieval models. Alexi’s advanced AI platform generates legal memos, arguments, and answers to general litigation queries.